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24 yr old bitch

Posted by KelleyJane on June 3, 2011 at 7:42 PM Comments comments (0)

So I basically editied my Christmas list post and I'm turning it into a birthday wish list post! Yay for me! So June 13th I will be Where has time gone? We are halfway through the year and I'm going to be 24. I'm mid-20s..getting old for an aspiring model. Once I hit late 30s I won't have a chance..ah fuck that I just try to have fun with it anyways.. Especially now since my life is literally falling to pieces around me with personal and family problems.. I say what a good friend has tattooed on his stomach...D.G.A.F.. Don't give a FUCK! haha!

Wish list item #1: Black Diamond Ring:

 I've always adored black diamonds. They are different from the normal and very sparkly. This is a great deal and totally awesome! The one I really like is from zales the link below:

here is the ICE version:

 Wish list item #2: Diamond Skull Ring:

 I originally wanted to purchase this as my wedding ring but that didn't happen. This is fucking awesome! Only Zales has this and I have seen nothing else like it. Here is the link:

 Wish list item #3: Watchmen Costume:

 I know this is pretty random, but I've seriously wanted it since 2008 when the movie was first spoken of. Always went with something different for Halloween. I'm a size Medium on this costume I believe! Sally Jupiter!

Wish list item #4: New Business Professional Clothes!

Well I am about 145, 5'10"..and 27-28 inch waist. I always need  new clothes especially since I'm not good at finding stuff that fits right on me..I'm usually a Size L shirt due to giant tits and 7 in pants..long pants are best..I love the stores below:

 Wish List Item #5: MONEY!

Yes of course I want $$$..I can pay off my mortgages, car, credit cards, and help pay for my aunt's if in doubt I accept cash, check, or money orders !!!

I will update this as more comes to mind. Adios Amigos! :D!



 Kelley Jane


WOW Really?! Like OMFG

Posted by KelleyJane on May 20, 2011 at 12:19 PM Comments comments (0)

Things you probably didn't know about me:

-I will be 24 on June 13th, 2011.

-My hair has been highlighted blonde, bleached blonde, colored dirty blonde from bleach blonde, colored maroon/red, and then colored brunette. So 5-6 colors within the last 6 months.

-I am both left and right handed but dominately I prefer using my left hand

-I have two brothers. One older brother and one younger half brother. They are both much taller than me and I am 5'10".

-I am farsighted. I need classes to see things close up but I get headaches when I wear them so I prefer not too.

-I am obsessed with my weight and working out plus being healthy.

-I have 4 cats, 1 dog, and 1 snapping turtle. I used to have even more pets. Yeah I'm one of those people.

-I had braces when I was much younger. My teeth were really messed up. Now my bottom teeth are crowded and crooked.

-I had to have all 4 wisdom teeth cut out by an oral surgeon. It hurt BAD. This happened February 2010.

-I slouch pretty badly. Partly because my spine is curved.

-I have no children. I'm not sure if I ever will have any.

-I was born and raised here in Jacksonville, FL. Places I've traveled: All of the FL Keys, St Augustine, FL Miami FL, Naples FL, Tampa, FL, Daytona, FL. Pretty much most of the cities in FL. Charlotte NC, Fayetteville, NC. Washington, DC San Diego, CA Los Angeles, CA.

-I am of Irish, German, Dutch, and all kinds of other descent. I'm a super mut.

-I've had my adnoids removed. I've also had a surgery for Abormal A Cell on the back of my right leg. I've had at least a dozen skin biopsies. I'm skin cancer prone. :-(

-I always have my nails and toe nails manicured. I do it myself I don't pay someone to do this.

-I have somewhere around 40 cousins, and those cousins have had kids, probably at least 10 kids my cousins have had.

-I have the exact same green color eyes as my mom. My older brother has the exact piercing blue eyes that my Dad has.

-I have a wide size 10 foot. Shoes trouble me. You will usually find me in flip flops.

-I tend to talk a lot if I can find someone willing to listen when it is appropriate. If I'm at work I'm silent.

-I'm a total networking addict- I <3 FaceBook I know pathetic lol.

-I hate how eyeline runs. Even waterproof eyeliner. I have very thin eyelashes that don't take well to mascara so I usually cake on a lot of black eyeliner.

-I did pageants and model searches when I was younger. I started back modeling in 2008. I've probably done about 20-25 photo shoots, 5-10 events/promo work, and I've appeared on 5-10 websites/promotional mailings, and won about 5 contests for best photo, best, legs, best whatever. It has been a lot of fun but I'd like to do more print work and paid work.

-I sleep with a nightlight. Don't judge me.

-I'm almost have way through with my A.A. Degree. I'm very torn on what I want to pursue a degree in which is why I'm taking so long. I fear being in student loan hell/debt more than I fear not having a degree.

-I'm a night owl. I recently started working days and it is killing me. I hate traffic and waking up in the mornings.

-I don't have a "smart" phone. I don't access the internet on my phone, and I don't have any type of I Pad, Pod, Phone or what in the hell ever the kids are calling it these days.

-I have a 2005 Blue Chevy Aveo. I've had it almost 6 yrs, it is paid off, and it has almost 105k miles on it. I'm going to drive that thing into the ground!! I have a long commute to and from work each day so thats why I got it.

-I don't enjoy cooking. But I'm learning more as I go. Especially since I'm a health nut and I try to eat well each and every day.

-I hope to travel all 50 states and too many different countries as I get older. I want to live the life I was meant to live and indulge in all of my hopes and dreams.

Thats all I can think of for now. Thanks for listening and reading or caring I suppose. Sign my guestbook leave your footprint!


~Kelley Jane~

2010 ending.

Posted by KelleyJane on November 29, 2010 at 9:31 PM Comments comments (0)

So has it really been 10 months since my last blog post? Where in the hell have I

been? lol. I've been around. I've been here and there. Modeling has slowed down

due to a hectic personal life. I really miss it. I did an amazing Marilyn Monroe/Bettie

Paige shoot back in June but I haven't had the time to post any of the photos yet.

Not to step on any toes, but I've noticed professional modeling can be somewhat

of a game at times. There are a lot of people willing to take your money, lie, and put

you in a compromising situation, so that is partly why I removed myself from

the scene. I could definately use a portfolio update! So this past weekend I had an

eventful experience. I've had this itch to be a platinum blonde for as long as I can

remember. I feel empowered when I wear my Marilyn Monroe wig. So anyways I went

and bought the blondest possible bleaching kit. Were talking like it would take

someone with black hair to blonde instantly. The reason I did this was because the

last time I bought a boxed product I felt like there was no change. So I bought the

best they had! Wrong. So it takes several hours, and two boxes of this shit. And

then I see my hair. I'm in shock! I literally fried my hair! Damn that was a mistake

lol. Wigs never give you a true idea I suppose. I thought it was going to look all

sexy and sophisticated, it just washed me out. Not only that but the texture.

I couldn't get a comb or brush through it and it fried my split ends as well.

The following day I decided to go to a salon. The shock from everyone was too

much to bear, additionally, I'm really working hard at my primary job to move up

and I didn't want anyone focusing on my durastic color change.So after a 2 ich

trim with layers, and a conditioning repair treatment I decided to go back to my

natural color which is a dirty blonde. It is more brunette than anything else but the

hair stylist said it will get blonder in the coming weeks. So technically a little

darker than my usual. But you know what you only live once, and now I can

say I was platinum blonde for a day! I will admit I miss my highlights but I've gotten

a lot of good feedback about this new color. Makes me look more mature and in

control. Thats what I need in my life, controlled maturity! Let me know your thoughts!

I will post more later! Adios my fans!

Sure is my month

Posted by KelleyJane on February 14, 2010 at 12:32 AM Comments comments (0)

So I finally got around to updating my site! Yay, so everyone should go check it out. I updated my resume and my photos so I got some nice new stuff out there. I'm just glad I did something today finally. I got my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday, all four, and I didn't even have them put me to sleep. So its safe to say I'm a Trooper! So this weekend has been a lot of lazy lying around the house and being drugged up on pain killers lol. I did manage to do some laundry and dishes though..couldn't let the entire day go to waiste!

I also decided to get my hair highlighted. Just some extra blonde strands here and there. I really like it. I need to do a shoot with the new look. Also I'm Rock 105s Babe for the month of February! I would really appreciate it if you read my bio and left a comment on the site. Heres the link

I'm also a model for a new clothing website. They make the Little Black Dress for any shape or size. I recommend buying something I'm telling you I modeled their dresses and they are amazing! If you wanna see my pics click on the hourglass shaped model.

Some up and coming things I have going on I should be featured on within the next month or two. I will post the link and details once I know for sure if I'm selected.

I'm really happy with what all is going on in Jax. There is a Marilyn Monroe exhibit at the Mocha art theatre I'm planning on going to. I sadly missed when Dane Cook came to Jax and the Black Eyed Peas concert but I'm hoping I get to go to the Breaking Benjamin/3 Days Grace/Flyleaf concert..that would sure make my month a homerun!

Wow I just realized its past midnight so its officially Valentines Day..I'm sure everyone is out getting lucky while I'm sitting here with a swollen mouth and jaw on painkillers blogging...hahaha!


Kelley Jane xoxo

2010 - A Year for the New and Improved

Posted by KelleyJane on January 17, 2010 at 10:19 PM Comments comments (0)

Well I can't believe it is now January 2010. Life is going by even more quickly as I get older. In just 5 short months I will be 23 years old. I remember being younger in middle school and just wanting to get older I'm wanting time to stop so that I can enjoy the finer things in life. Modeling has slowed down a lot for me during the fall time. I have a few projects still going though. I'm working with Brandon Shalton for his Kara Bazma clothing line..the idea is the little black dress that fits every true womans body type. Other than that I took the time off to enjoy the holidays with my family and clear my head. Also a lot of my shoots were TF. Don't get me wrong I don't mind TF shoots but sometimes it does get expensive buying the wardrobe getting the time and finding the location or studio to shoot in. I still have a super long list of photographers and ideas I'm still planning on shooting though. Actually with the new year I'm ready to gear up and shoot more. I lost about 10lbs and I cut my hair shorter..yeah thats right I actually cut my hair :) it is still super long though so no worries. And it is a little layered. I will add some new pics soon. I'm planning on getting my nose pierced in the next month. Just a small stud. I've always wanted to but never actually done it. Also have my ears pierced now finally but thats pretty standard for most females. I'm throwing around the idea of getting a Marilyn Monroe tattoo. If you know me well you would understand. My guest bedroom is a dedication to Marilyn. I've adored her since I was a little girl. Who knows though I change my mind a lot so I may decide next month I don't want to. A tattoo is definately something I will sit on since it is for life. Well I'm really sleepy so I think I'm gonna run. I know this wasn't very well written but fuck its my blog so I choose how to write it....right? :) I'm gonna choose a new layout and make it all pretty again so visit me often loves...toodles!

Kelley Jane~

Im Tired

Posted by KelleyJane on August 3, 2009 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (0)

I'm tired of not fitting into any "genre" of modeling....I'm not a glamour model because I'm a bit too curvy. I'm not a fashion model because I have the height but again I'm a bit too curvy. I'm not an Alt Model because I have no tats or piercings but I have the pasty pale skin color. And I'm not an art nude model. Even though I appreciate it for what it is I'm not too comfy putting myself out there completely like that yet.

Regardless of the above- I love my body of work thus far. I've been at this for about a year and I've worked with amazing photographers, models, and MUAs. I can't wait to see whats next. Thanks for reading!:D


Kelley Jane-


My first Post!

Posted by KelleyJane on June 16, 2009 at 2:07 AM Comments comments (0)

So this will be the blog area of my new site. I will post about new events, promotions, or others things in my personal and my modeling life. Whatever I feel like sharing to be honest! So to get to know a little more about me visit the Bio/Stats portion of my page. My resume is also listed with my Portfolio or Body of work. I'm excited as a peach so lets get this thang goin!


Kelley Jane-

See I'm having fun in the sun in the summer! Jax Beach Summer 2009!