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Posted by KelleyJane on June 3, 2011 at 7:42 PM

So I basically editied my Christmas list post and I'm turning it into a birthday wish list post! Yay for me! So June 13th I will be Where has time gone? We are halfway through the year and I'm going to be 24. I'm mid-20s..getting old for an aspiring model. Once I hit late 30s I won't have a chance..ah fuck that I just try to have fun with it anyways.. Especially now since my life is literally falling to pieces around me with personal and family problems.. I say what a good friend has tattooed on his stomach...D.G.A.F.. Don't give a FUCK! haha!

Wish list item #1: Black Diamond Ring:

 I've always adored black diamonds. They are different from the normal and very sparkly. This is a great deal and totally awesome! The one I really like is from zales the link below:

here is the ICE version:

 Wish list item #2: Diamond Skull Ring:

 I originally wanted to purchase this as my wedding ring but that didn't happen. This is fucking awesome! Only Zales has this and I have seen nothing else like it. Here is the link:

 Wish list item #3: Watchmen Costume:

 I know this is pretty random, but I've seriously wanted it since 2008 when the movie was first spoken of. Always went with something different for Halloween. I'm a size Medium on this costume I believe! Sally Jupiter!

Wish list item #4: New Business Professional Clothes!

Well I am about 145, 5'10"..and 27-28 inch waist. I always need  new clothes especially since I'm not good at finding stuff that fits right on me..I'm usually a Size L shirt due to giant tits and 7 in pants..long pants are best..I love the stores below:

 Wish List Item #5: MONEY!

Yes of course I want $$$..I can pay off my mortgages, car, credit cards, and help pay for my aunt's if in doubt I accept cash, check, or money orders !!!

I will update this as more comes to mind. Adios Amigos! :D!



 Kelley Jane


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