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Posted by KelleyJane on May 20, 2011 at 12:19 PM

Things you probably didn't know about me:

-I will be 24 on June 13th, 2011.

-My hair has been highlighted blonde, bleached blonde, colored dirty blonde from bleach blonde, colored maroon/red, and then colored brunette. So 5-6 colors within the last 6 months.

-I am both left and right handed but dominately I prefer using my left hand

-I have two brothers. One older brother and one younger half brother. They are both much taller than me and I am 5'10".

-I am farsighted. I need classes to see things close up but I get headaches when I wear them so I prefer not too.

-I am obsessed with my weight and working out plus being healthy.

-I have 4 cats, 1 dog, and 1 snapping turtle. I used to have even more pets. Yeah I'm one of those people.

-I had braces when I was much younger. My teeth were really messed up. Now my bottom teeth are crowded and crooked.

-I had to have all 4 wisdom teeth cut out by an oral surgeon. It hurt BAD. This happened February 2010.

-I slouch pretty badly. Partly because my spine is curved.

-I have no children. I'm not sure if I ever will have any.

-I was born and raised here in Jacksonville, FL. Places I've traveled: All of the FL Keys, St Augustine, FL Miami FL, Naples FL, Tampa, FL, Daytona, FL. Pretty much most of the cities in FL. Charlotte NC, Fayetteville, NC. Washington, DC San Diego, CA Los Angeles, CA.

-I am of Irish, German, Dutch, and all kinds of other descent. I'm a super mut.

-I've had my adnoids removed. I've also had a surgery for Abormal A Cell on the back of my right leg. I've had at least a dozen skin biopsies. I'm skin cancer prone. :-(

-I always have my nails and toe nails manicured. I do it myself I don't pay someone to do this.

-I have somewhere around 40 cousins, and those cousins have had kids, probably at least 10 kids my cousins have had.

-I have the exact same green color eyes as my mom. My older brother has the exact piercing blue eyes that my Dad has.

-I have a wide size 10 foot. Shoes trouble me. You will usually find me in flip flops.

-I tend to talk a lot if I can find someone willing to listen when it is appropriate. If I'm at work I'm silent.

-I'm a total networking addict- I <3 FaceBook I know pathetic lol.

-I hate how eyeline runs. Even waterproof eyeliner. I have very thin eyelashes that don't take well to mascara so I usually cake on a lot of black eyeliner.

-I did pageants and model searches when I was younger. I started back modeling in 2008. I've probably done about 20-25 photo shoots, 5-10 events/promo work, and I've appeared on 5-10 websites/promotional mailings, and won about 5 contests for best photo, best, legs, best whatever. It has been a lot of fun but I'd like to do more print work and paid work.

-I sleep with a nightlight. Don't judge me.

-I'm almost have way through with my A.A. Degree. I'm very torn on what I want to pursue a degree in which is why I'm taking so long. I fear being in student loan hell/debt more than I fear not having a degree.

-I'm a night owl. I recently started working days and it is killing me. I hate traffic and waking up in the mornings.

-I don't have a "smart" phone. I don't access the internet on my phone, and I don't have any type of I Pad, Pod, Phone or what in the hell ever the kids are calling it these days.

-I have a 2005 Blue Chevy Aveo. I've had it almost 6 yrs, it is paid off, and it has almost 105k miles on it. I'm going to drive that thing into the ground!! I have a long commute to and from work each day so thats why I got it.

-I don't enjoy cooking. But I'm learning more as I go. Especially since I'm a health nut and I try to eat well each and every day.

-I hope to travel all 50 states and too many different countries as I get older. I want to live the life I was meant to live and indulge in all of my hopes and dreams.

Thats all I can think of for now. Thanks for listening and reading or caring I suppose. Sign my guestbook leave your footprint!


~Kelley Jane~

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